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Lead with Your Imagination: Think with Your Soul

Posted by Claude Anthony on


Throughout our lives, we have become used to thinking from the shallowness of our headspace, that doing so from the soul seems somewhat counterintuitive.  In thinking from this space of doubt, we struggle to narrow our internal purpose.  It even becomes a battle with feeling whether we are even on the path towards that purpose.  With this fogginess, we try to edit our thoughts and wind up overanalyzing too much to the point of poor decision making.  An exhausting and confusing spin in so my directions can leave you dizzy.  Yet, what we don't always realize is that within each one of our minds is a place of soul consciousness, a place where our heart seamlessly guides us to accept all that we are meant to have and do in our lives.   It becomes your place of "authentic empowerment."  By leading with your soul, you essentially allow yourself to accept the calling you were destined to be part of during this time on earth.  It’s a mindset that is often associated with a royal perspective.


This process is not something that occurs naturally.  We're never even taught how we can accurately achieve this sense of royal thinking.  For many, to be able to think with your soul is a learned skill that requires a level of preparation to block out the noise that plagues our minds every day.  It may seem impossible, but this self-awareness is necessary and incredibly worth it in the end.  Taking the time to connect with yourself at a high level and not at a superficial level allows you to communicate with the type of energy that fuels your personality and mind.  This is the type of fuel that feeds your passion and can ultimately give your life its highest meaning and purpose.  You'll become sustained in all areas of emotion, finances, and overall energy.  Such gifts can only be achieved through the work of thinking from within your soul.  This journey requires time, commitment, and a keen sensitivity to listen always from deep within.  When you begin to lead with imagination and tap into your honorable characteristics, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

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